M16 (ngc6611) the Eagle, a diffuse nebula and open cluster in Serpens.

Color of M16, the Eagle nebulae in Serpens.

Right Ascension = 18 : 18 : 8 (h:m:s), Declination = -13:47 (deg:m)
Magnitude =6.4, Size = 30 arc minutes, Distance 7 thousand light years (kly)
This color image is made up 10xR,10xG,12xB and 10 Luminance at one minute each track and accumulated. A combined total of 42 minutes. The image was DDP'd and medium sharped in CCDOPS v5.2, level tweaked and Luminance added in PaintShop Pro v6. There is no guideing. This is a f1.95 fastar image. September 28, 2002.

Black and White closeup of the pillars of creation as depicted by previous Hubble images, M16, the Eagle nebulae in Serpens.

This black and white image was taken September 8, 2004 and is made up of 5 one minute images. The same equipment was used as before however this is taken at f6.3 without a guide scope and is cropped to remove borders of added layers. These are the best out of 30 images taken.

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