M65(NGC 3623) and M66(NGC 3627) in the Leo triplett.
Messier observed both M65 and M66 on March 1st, 1780.

M65 Right Ascension = 11:18.9(h:m), Declination = +13:05(deg:m)
Magnitude = 9.3, Size = 8 x 1.5 arc minutes

M66 Right Ascension = 11 20.2(h:m), Declination = +12:59(deg:m)
Magnitude = 8.9, Size = 8 x 2.5 arc minutes

Distance = 35 million light years

Combination of M65 and m66 galaxies in the Leo constellation .

Optics: C8    adapter: Fastar (f2)
Date: 04/25/2004    Time: 03:30:00 UTC
Exposure: Luminance (16 x 60 second exp each) -17c degree camera cooling
Resolution: Full (640x480)
Guiding: st4 and C102 @ f10
Acquisition: SBIG ST-237 camera, individual images 1 min each
Software: SBIG CCDOPS ver 5.37
notes: images co-added after autodark subtract, heavy sharp and slight DDP processing all done in CCDOPS. PaintShop Prov6 used for levels adjust.

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