M8 (ngc6253) the Lagoon, a diffuse nebula,in Sagittarius.

The small cluster in the eastern half of M8 was discovered by Flamsteed about 1680. The dark matter / nebula pockets in M8 are known as "globules" which are collapsing protostellar clouds.

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Color of M8, the Lagoon nebulae in sagittarius.

Right Ascension = 18 : 03 : 8 (h:m:s), Declination = -24 : 23 (deg:m)
Magnitude =6.0, Size = 90x40 arc minutes, Distance 5.2 (kly)
This color image is made up 6xR,5xG,10xB at one minute each. A combined total of 21 minutes. The image was DDP'd and medium sharped in CCDOPS v5.2 and level tweaked in PaintShop Pro v6. There is no guideing. This is a f1.95 fastar image. October 4, 2002.

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