B33 in Orion


The Horsehead nebula. A dark globule of dust and gases. The bright area lower right is NGC 2023, a bright reflection nebula. The background is IC434, a large reflective dust cloud.
Right Ascension = 05 : 40 : 09 (h:m:s), Declination = -02 :28 (deg:m)
Magnitude = n/a, Size = 6x4 arc minutes

There is no guideing. This is a f1.95 fastar image. The gray image is 30 minutes total, three sets of ten minutes of 60 seconds each track and accumulated, DDP'd and minimum sharp. This is a larger version Black and white. Use your 'Back' button to return here.

The color image is R=10*60second and equal amounts of luminance in the green and blue channels to make up for poor green and blue exposures. It may be cheating but the results are very close to what would be expected.

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