The Flame nebula in Orion

Right Ascension = 05:41:42.5 (h:m:s), Declination = -01:51:23 (deg:m:s)
Magnitude =7.0, Size = 30x30 arc minutes

optics: C8, adapter: Fastar, date: 11042003. time: 02:45:00, exposure:Luminance = 5min, 3x5min Red, 2x5min Green, 1x5min Blue, resolution: Full (640x480),Cropped to remove bad data. guiding: ST4 and C102 @ F10 acquisition: SBIG ST-237 and CFW5 filter, software: SBIG CCDOPS version 5.1 notes: Autodark added to each rgb. Softly sharpened each rgb in CCDOPS. The left or first image has little processing. The second or right image is inhanced to bring out the flame.

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