NGC281, the Pacman Nebula in Cassiopeia

The Pacman Nebula, HII Region. Cluster with nebulosity.

Right Ascension = 00:52:59.3 (h:m:s), Declination = 56:37:19 (deg:m:s)
Magnitude =7.4, Size = 25x30 arc minutes

optics: C8, adapter: Fastar, date: 11032003. time: 21:20:00, exposure: Luminance = 3x5min= 15 minutes total, resolution: Full (640x480), guiding: ST4 and C102 @ F10 acquisition: SBIG ST-237 and CFW5 clear filter, software: SBIG CCDOPS version 5.1 notes: Autodark added to each rgb. Softly sharpened each luminance in CCDOPS.

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