NGC 3190/3189 and neighbors in Leo

Right Ascension = 10h 18m 05.9s (h:m:s), Declination = +21 49' 59'' (deg:m:s)
Magnitude =na, Size = 40x30 arc minutes (Fastar) North is up.

NGC 3190 and neighbors in Leo, also known as the Hickson group.

Also known as catalogued name Hickson 44, this is a spectacular group of galaxies in the constellation Leo. These galaxies are estimated to be 60 million light years away. The galaxy furthest to the left is an elliptical galaxy (NGC 3193) (fuzzy and round) and has little detail below it is NGC 3190/NGC3189 and immeadiately to its right is NGC 3187(a laying down S shape) with NGC 3185 bottom center.

NGC looks to be a edge on galaxy with a dust lane but it is actually two galaxies. NGC3190 is the larger visually and is on top with NGC 3189 a edge on disc on bottom. There are numerous other galaxies in this image as well.

optics: C8    adapter: Fastar (f2)    date: 05/21/2004    time: 04:06:42    exposure: 12 * 1 min
resolution: Full (640x480)    guiding: st4 and C102 @ f10
acquisition: SBIG ST-237 camera, individual images 60 seconds each.    software: SBIG CCDDOS notes:
Autodark added softly sharpened in CCDOPS.

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