NGC 6888 in Cygnus
My first test image in the newly constructed Wye Mountain Observatory.

The Crescent nebula also known as the Dividing Cell nebula.
Right Ascension = 20 : 12 : 00 (h:m:s), Declination = +38 :21 (deg:m)
Magnitude =n/a, Size = 20x10 arc minutes

optics: C8    adapter: Fastar    date: 10152003    time: 23:22:00    exposure: 2100 seconds
resolution: Full (640x480)    Minor cropping to remove combining error.    guiding: st4 and Celestron C102 @ f10
acquisition: 1 x 300s Luminance, 2 x 300s each R, G, B    software: captured with SBIG CCDDOS processed with SBIG CCDOPS v5.21-NT
notes: Autodark added to each rgb. Softly sharpened and DDP'd each rgb in CCDOPS. Processed with Paintshop Pro 6.
This is a f1.95 fastar image. This is my first guided image and was only a test, therefore there is much improvement to be made on this one. This was a first light test of my newly built Wye Mountain Observatory.

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