NGC 6946 a spiral galaxy in Cepheus

Right Ascension = 20h 34m 52.7s (h:m:s), Declination = +60 09' 11'' (deg:m:s)
Magnitude = 8.8, Size = 11'X9.8' arc minutes

 NGC 6946 a good face on spiral galaxy in Cepheus

Optics: C8 @ f6.3    adapter: none
Date: 8/6/2004    Time: 05:10:00 UTC
Exposure: (3 images x 300 seconds each exposure)
Resolution: Cropped (437x323)
Guiding: st4 and C102 @ f10
Acquisition: SBIG ST-237 camera, individual images 2 min each
Software: SBIG CCDOPS ver 5.37 95/98
notes: Autodark added to each image, DDP'd. Images added in CCDOPS

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