Inside the dome.
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This is how it looks at the main observatory floor level looking out the 36 inch window. When sitting ina chair my head comes up beside the dome base ring ( that level where you can see a motor with two wheels in the rear).

A view of my Celestrons. Lower is the C-102 F10 refracter and above is the C8 f10 Schmidt-Cassegrain. On the back wall of the dome the shutter motor open/close assembly is shown.

From top looking down into the C8 SCT the SBIG ST237 camera can be seen. My SBIG st4 camera controller is leaning against the ST237 controller sitting on the chair lower left. and the Losmandy Gemini Goto controller driving the Losmandy G11 mount is at the bottom center. For more details on this hardware please visit my
astronomy equipment. pages.

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