This work was done between may 26th and September 29th. The exact dates are not available as these images are off the same roll of 35mm film.
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The 15 foot tall concrete block column looking from below up and through the pier opening of the deck which is twelve feet above the column base. It was recommended by Conway Block Inc, that I try using this 17.5x17.5x8 inch concrete chimney block. While it is heavier than a single standard 8x16 block I am glad i used it. It is much easier for a none block layer to use in this situation. Jim came by and helped me get started. You can see two levels of scaffolding erected under the deck and under where the building will be. The column total height is 15 feet from where it sits on the 4 foot square footing. It is reinforced with rebar and filled with concrete.

A plywood form atop the column is 8 inches tall by 17.5 inch by 17.5 inch. It is filled with quickrete 5000# with the four 5/8 inch by 8 inch j-bolts sunk in it and held by the form. I prealigned the j-bolts pattern for my pier so that the mount will be pointing north.

The ten foot by ten foot by 6 foot high building is framed. The standing ladder is on the south side of the deck. There are three feet of deck on the north and south sides of the building and two feet on the west. Twelve feet is left on the east side to enjoy. Safety railing will go up later.

Pine contoured rough exterior siding is on three walls and oil base cedar stain protectant is applied. Wet weather has set in which explains the tarp.

The domes base ring has been setup temporarily to check the octagon (2x6 pressure treated wood) adapter and to design the flashing. The adapter is necessary to transition the round dome base ring to the square building. While the top of the concrete pier is barely visible in the center of this picture the subfloor is at the same heigth. The opening on the left is for a custom built entry door. there is space inside that is open which will be a four step staircase and a small entry way standing area. A trap floor will be constructed the length and width of the floors opening. It will swing up and out of the way to the left wall for easy entry and exit.

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