Looking inside the dome.
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Looking into the observatory. The subfloor is raised. There is a 32inch deep landing at the top of the stairs.

The subfloor when lowered.

From top looking down onto the raised floor after entering. The Steel pier and mount are in the forground.

From top looking down onto the lowered floor. The entire observatory floor is very solid. The door will latch from the inside. The observatory is very well drafted as air circulates up from below the deck level up along the studs into the main room. The space between the main floor along the joists can be blocked for a warmer invironment if needed. I expect insects may pose a bit of a problem in summer (wasps and dirt dobbers). There have been ladybugs and millers camp in for the winter. I had a squirrel move in one saturday morning but I ran him out early and blocked his path. I had not yet placed the chicken wire around the opening where the concrete pier meets the deck floor. In this view we can see into the Celestron C8 SCT where the SBIG ST237 camera can be seen. The Celestron 4 inch refractor is mounted beside the SCT.

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