The dome is erected with help of my friends Jim Dixon and Robert Baker.
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Sunday September 28th Jim Dixon and Robert Baker come by to help erect the dome. I was not yet finished with the
flashing so while Jim readied the domes (DSR) mounting ring Robert and I connected the flashing. I don't know what I am looking off to the west for, mayby trying to predict the weather?

Jim, Robert and I attend to placeing the domering on the building. This ring is ten feet in diameter when assembled. It has 16 rollers that the dome DSR ring rests on for rotation. Other accessories such as the power supply and dome rotation motors attach to the inside of this ring. I am on the left, Jim is on the right and Robert took the picture.

The wind was gusting to about 10mph while Robert and Jim assembled two quarters of the dome and passed up half of the dome at a time. There is plenty of room on the 16ft by 24ft deck to preassemble components.

Robert Baker to the left and Jim Dixon on the right. I am thankful to have such good friends that are willing to drive miles and take time from their own schedules to assist me in raising the entire structure in these pictures.

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