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I began this web page in order to share with my friends and family these things I enjoy.

Local weather updated every 5 minutes.

Local Sun and Moon Detail information.

To Don's Robotics.

My Latest Astro-Photography through 2007.

My Astro-Photography from late 1998 to summer 2005.

Mercury transit movie done November 8th, 2006. Caution!! may take several minutes to load before it plays normal speed. 3.6 Meg movie. Be patient while it is loading as it may appear to be frozen or going very slowly. Your browser activity icon will let you know when it is done loading.

Messier Marathon by CCD March 2004.

Comet section includes Comet 73P/Schwassmann-Wachmann 3 (05012006) and Machholz Q2 (01132005).

Have a look at my astronomy equipment.

Have a look at my Observatory constructed 2003.

My film photography.

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