My CCD Astro-Photography mid or late 2005 to present

This section of my work illustrates the results I've accomplished using much newer equipment. I really enjoyed the older ST-237 camera and ST-4 guider but they and one observatory computer fell victim to a nearby lightning strike in the summer of 2005. Those two cameras are no longer available so I had to reconsider what to use as a replacement. After careful study of the capabilities of the newer SBIG cameras and accessories compared to other brands and models I chose to stay with the reputation of SBIG. In my opinion the before during and after support offered by the staff of SBIG is unmatched for quality and caring. The quality of their designs speak for themselves. The ST-2000XM camera is monochrome (Black and White). To achieve color one adds a color filter wheel like the SBIG CFW-8A (holds five filters) or CFW-10 (holds ten filters). Using the supplied camera control and imaging software CCDOps or CCDSoft the user can select the proper filter, exposure time and much more.     Below are images of Nebulae and Galaxies. Try varying the brightness and contrast of your monitor for more or less detail.

Much of the Messier data is gleamed from!


The Horsehead nebula IC434 in orion,
includes NGC2024 The flame and NGC2023 nebulas. The horsehead nebula in imaged Hydrogen Alpha (HA).
IC434           IC434HA

Supernova Remnant M1 (NGC 1952) in Taurus. Color of M16, the Eagle nebulae in Serpens. Color of M20 (ngc6514) the Trifid, an emission and reflection nebula in Sagittarius. Color of M27, the Dumbbell nebulae in Vulpecula. M45, the Pleiades, an open cluster in Taurus.
M1             M16             M20             M27            M45

NGC 2264 the Christmas Tree and Cone Nebula in Monoceros NGC 2359 and NGC 2361, Thor's Helmet in Canis Major NGC 7293, The Helix Nebula in Aquarius
NGC2264      NGC2359      NGC7293


M31, our nearby glactic neighbor. This mosaic shows m32 and m110 as well.

M31, M110, M32

M51, a face on spiral galaxy with neighbor, the Whirlpool galaxy. M63, the Sunflower galaxy in Canes Venatici. M64, the Blackeye galaxy in Coma Berenices. M66 and M66 and NGC3628, three spiral galaxies in Leo.
M51                 M63                  M64                 M65 M66

M81 and M82, the Ursa Major spiral and edge on galaxy pair. Spiral Galaxy M83 (NGC 5236), The Southern Pinwheel, type SABc, in Hydra.
M81 M82                 M83

Spiral Galaxy M98 (NGC 4192), type Sb, in Coma Berenices. Spiral Galaxy M99 (NGC 4254), type Sc, in Coma Berenices.
M98                  M99

M100 (NGC4321) a spiral galaxy in Coma Berenices with companion galaxies. Spiral Galaxy M101 (NGC 5457), type Sc, in Ursa Major Spiral Galaxy M104 (NGC 4594), type Sa, in Virgo. M105 (NGC3379) a elliptical galaxy in Leo with neighbors NGC3389 and NGC3384. Elliptical Galaxy M110 (NGC 205), type E6p, in Andromeda.
M100                 M101                 M104                 M105                 M110

 NGC 253 a edge on spiral galaxy in Sculptor NGC 891, a galaxy in Andromeda.
NGC253             NGC891

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