Comet Machholz Q2 between Pleiades and Perseus, an animation
This image of Comet Machholz is part of a 6 hour long sequence done here at Wye Mountain Observatory.

Warning: this page may load slowly getting the animated GIF file.

This is an animation made up from six hours of 30 second images of the comet taken from 01132005 aat 6:55pm through 01142005 at 12:22am central time. The actual animation is short.

Comet Machoolz Q2
Right Ascension = N/A (h:m:s), Declination = N/A (deg:m:s)
Magnitude =n/a, Size = N/A

optics: C8    adapter: Fastar    date: 01132005 and 01142005    time: 00:22:00    exposure: 6 x 30 seconds
resolution: Full (640x480) guiding: none
acquisition: 6 frames out of 145 x 30s Luminance    software: captured with SBIG CCDDOS processed with Iris v4.2
notes: Autodark added. in CCDOPS.

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